The intensive, yet not greasy, formula of our Snow Cladonia Eye Cream is packed with extracts of wild harvested Siberian herbs, vitamins, and minerals to help effectively deter the aging process.

Snow Cladonia is a unique Siberian herb which stays green even at -50C. Being full of usnin acid, it actively restores skin cells and slows aging processes, for beautiful, younger appearance.

The Natural Regu-age complex perfectly diminishes dark circles, while  Bisabolol enhances skin’s appearance and restores its suppleness.

Syn-ake beautifully diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, for naturally ageless eyes.

Extracts of wild harvested ashberry and organic chamomileenergize the skin and help it to resist external stresses.

Wrinkles are reduced, skin is toned and perfectly moisturized. The fragile eye contour area is protected and revitalized, for a visibly younger look.

Snow Cladonia Eye Cream

Артикул: L30631
1 170,00 ₽Цена
  • 30 ml

  • Вода, экстракты каледонии снежной, хединии алтайской, арники средней, мелиссы, ромашки, октилдодеканол, дикаприлил, кококаприлат, омега-3-керамиды, растительные пептиды, глицерин, соды гиалуронат, токоферол, полиакрил соды, коллагеновые аминокислоты, олигопептиды, тетрапептид-3, ретинол, неолон, парфюмерная композиция.

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