This light-weight Rhodiola Rosea Night cream deeply rejuvenates the skin during the night time, making it beautifully soft and younger looking.

Adaptogenic Rhodiola Rosea is packed with such regenerating ingredients as Rosavin, Rosarin and Rosin which, according to many tests, can be found only in Rhodiola Rosea of Russian origin. While slowing aging, Rodiola Rosea also protects skin from environmental impacts, and makes it supple and soft.
Natural Bisabolol enhances dry and sensitive skin by reducing sloughing and restoring suppleness, while Vitalayer® boosts the production of hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin and diminish wrinkles.
SYN®-AKE complex stimulates collagen production and has excellent smoothing and anti-wrinkle properties.
Wild harvested Siberian ashberry extract soothes and heals the skin while organic Melissa carefully calms it.

Rhodiola Rosea Night Cream

Артикул: L30662
453,00 ₽Цена
  • 50 ml

  • Вода, экстракты родиолы розовой (Rhodiola Rosea), тилингии аянской (Tilingia Ajanensis), мелиссы (Melissa Officinalis)*, таволги (Spirae Ulmaria)*, дикаприлил*, октилдодеканол*, гицерин, глицерил стеарат*, аминосахарды (Acetyl Glucosamine), цетеариловый спирт (и) цетеарилглюкозид*, провитамин В5 (Panthenol), витамин Е (Tocopherol)*, натрия стеаролглутамат*, трипептид, тетрапептид -3, бисаболол, полиакрил соды, неолон, парфюмерная композици``

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